Introducing InFuse: In-Line Circuit Breaker

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Fuses were phased out in residential homes due to frequent burnouts,
risk of fire and the difficulty of replacing in the dark.

InFuse is an inline circuit breaker designed to protect streetlight wiring assemblies from overload. InFuse makes servicing a streetlight easier.

When a breaker is tripped, service can be restored with the push of a reset button instead of changing a blown fuse.

In case of a downed pole, InFuse does not leave any wires exposed.  The break-away design of InFuse ensures that all wire-ends are well insulated, even when streetlight poles are knocked down.


Benefits of a Breaker over a Fuse for Your Streetlights

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"Streetlight infrastructure is overdue for a disruptive innovation that 'shakes up' the status quo."

Our Clients


InFuse reduces the steps needed to check outages in our streetlights.
It is also much safer; that is my favorite part!

Aaron Johnson - Street Tech

Problems with Fuses


The biggest issue with with fuse sets are their exposed electrical connections. When the enclosure housing the fuse set is opened, the sockets expose the technician to a live circuit. This is extremely risky when a technician has to change the blown fuse right after a storm.

Multiple fuse replacements have to be inventoried and stored as different fuses match different streetlight installations.

It takes time and resources to continually change fuses. Fuses blow unexpectedly and crews have to be despatched with the right make and model of replacement fuses.

For an average city, approximately 83 fuses blow annually for every 1000 streetlights. This statistic will be higher in states like Florida, prone to thunderstorms and lightning activity.

Cost of Replacing Blown Fuses for 1,000 Streetlights


At $7.95 per fuse, it would cost $662/per year to replace fuses.
That is a recurring $3,972/per year for a City with 6,000 streetlights.
Plus, the labor it takes to replace them.

There aren't any recurring costs with InFuse.

Pushing a reset button costs $0.00.

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Operation: InFuse vs. Fuse Assembly

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InFuse vs. Fuse Assembly

It is very easy to reset a thrown breaker rather than replace a blown fuse.

It is safer as well, since the technician doesn't have to deal with exposed hot wires.

This video explains it all.

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