Tired of Replacing
Streetlight Fuses?

Save a lifetime of fuses with a single breaker.

Designed by Industry Professionals with 50+ Years of Experience

Your House Doesn’t Use Fuses;
Why Do Your Streetlights?

Fuses were phased out in residential homes due to frequent burnouts,
risk of fire and the difficulty of replacing in the dark.

InFuse is an inline circuit breaker designed to protect streetlight wiring assemblies from overload. InFuse makes servicing a streetlight easier—restoring service with a push of the reset button instead of changing out a blown fuse.

Trusted & Adapted by Multiple Municipalities

Replacing Fuses Causing
You Headaches?

Drained Resources

With fuses, you have to continually renew supplies in order to maintain inventories. Someone has to maintain inventory counts, ensure that inventory matches specifications, track the orders and determine storage locations for the inventory—both in the warehouse and in the trucks.

Electrical Shock Hazard

You also run the risk of electrical shock when changing fuses in wet conditions. Water can easily drip into fuse assemblies and onto live wires while you are trying to change the fuses. The danger increases from exposed wiring if a pole is knocked down.

Wasted Time

Not knowing when the next fuse will blow increases frustration. In the event of backorders, there arises the bigger problem of longer down time. Overall, this reveals a flawed system; time is unnecessarily spent ordering and maintaining fuses, changing fuses and disposing of fuses.

InFuse Can Solve Your Problems

Put InFuse to the Test

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Lighting the Way for Better
Streetlight Maintenance

One & Done

InFuse’s simple push-button design installs quickly and is easily accessible through the streetlight hand hole. After installation, just reset the button as needed. No hassles.

Safety First

Once installed, InFuse eliminates the risk of shock or electrocution in inclement weather. In the case of a broken pole, its breakaway design ensures no exposed wires.

Free Your Time

InFuse was created by a streetlight professional who was tired of constantly changing fuses. InFuse frees up your time and resources so your team can focus on what is really important.

Cost of Replacing Blown Fuses for 1000 Streetlights

For an average city in the Midwest, approximately 83 fuses blow annually for every 1000 of its streetlights. This statistic will be even higher in places like Florida. At a cost of $7.95 per fuse, you would spend $662 to replace fuses in 1000 streetlights every year, or $3972 for this average city’s 6000 streetlights. Switch to InFuse and eliminate the recurring cost of fuses—not to mention the time and safety benefits.